“In these homes were living vessels- there was laughter, there was happiness.”

The Baltimore Brick by Brick project advocates for a reconceptualization of blight that informs and is part of the deconstruction process. They share stories about the lives and histories of blighted homes and neighborhoods as they carefully take structures apart and prepare the materials for reuse.

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Baltimore Brick By Brick

Proponents of blight removal cite vacant houses as dangerous eyesores that drain neighborhoods of vitality. We agree with this assessment, and that’s why we’re such strong believers in the project we’re doing on Eager Street.
But we’d like to advocate for a bit of nuance and context when discussing blight and vacancy, because we’d hate to ignore the memories and emotions attached to the houses on Eager Street, “blighted” though they may be. In what is proving to be a frequent occurrence, Ms. Janice said it best- referring to the houses we’re deconstructing, she urged us to remember that there’s more to those structures than toppled bricks and broken windows: “In these houses were living vessels- there was laughter, there was happiness.”
Ms. Janice was kind enough to share some photos of Eager Street from decades past, reminders that the houses we’re deconstructing were once homes. Click below to see…

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