Postindustrial Landscapes, Communities, and Heritage

I’m excited to be in New Orleans this week for the annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Dan Trepal and I are chairing a session entitled, “Post-industrial Landscapes, Communities, and Heritage,” and we have a diverse group of presentations lined up, to be followed by comments from our discussants, April Beisaw and Melissa Baird.

Check out the full presentation line-up and abstracts here, and come see us in Gallery 2 this Thursday!


Deconstructing Detroit: The Politics of ‘Reclamation’

I attended the Society for Historical Archaeology’s annual meeting in Washington DC in January and presented in the excellent, day-long session, “Contemporary and Historical Archaeologies of the City,” chaired by Krysta Ryzewski and Laura McAtackney. Presentations in this session featured research from all over the globe, from a jazz club in Detroit to a company town in Kentucky to contested memorial landscapes in Belfast. This post is a version of my paper, “The Archaeology of Urban Blight,” which I edited after getting feedback on the project and completing a bit more research.

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